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At Bubba’s Pizzeria, we’re not just about pizza; we’re about creating memorable experiences around the table. Our journey began over 30 years ago with a passion for authentic, flavorful pizza, and a commitment to using only the freshest ingredients. From our in-house aged dough to our secret sauce recipes, every bite tells a story of tradition and quality. Join us and discover your new favorite from our menu of classic pizzas, gourmet wraps, hearty poutines, and more!

there's something for every craving

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Dive into our diverse menu, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavor. Try our fan-favorite Canadian Pizza, indulge in the richness of Bubba’s Special Pizza, or explore the unique taste of our Mediterranean Pizza. Not in a pizza mood? Our wraps and poutines, loaded with toppings and bursting with flavor, are sure to satisfy. Every dish is a tribute to our commitment to quality and our love for food that brings people together.

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At Bubba’s Pizzeria, we believe in more than just great food. We believe in creating an atmosphere where every meal is a celebration. Our commitment to quality ingredients, time-honored recipes, and exceptional customer service makes us more than just a pizzeria. We’re a community favorite, a place where every meal is a culinary adventure, and every visit feels like coming home.